About Us

We, The Techno World Instrument Service is one of the fastest growing company in Pakistan and Srilanka Market have successfully established a reputable image in the business community with the collaboration  of   world-renowned manufacturers in the  world.

Our success is due to our commitment to provide the meritorious services to our valuable clients with the assurance of best quality  standards.

This achievement is accomplished through our highly qualified, professional and well trained personnel are well known in the industry as an “Intelligent Solutions   Provider”.

We, TWIS know as a largest instruments supplier offering our expertise and services in quality control labs   for Plastics Industries, Textile Manufacturing Units, Metal Industries, Food processing units, Packaging Industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Chemical/ petrochemical industries, Oil &  Gas  sectors,  Thermal  Power Plants, Testing Laboratories of Major Engineering Universities in Pakistan and Material Testing Laboratories. Beside complete projects on turnkey basis, we have to our credit a long and proven record of experience in allied technologies of instruments with having varieties  and  ranging  of  worldwide  manufacturer instruments and also supplier of raw materials  hence  we are fully equipped to turn  client`s  idea into reality.

The testing of materials enables engineers and designers to choose the best material for a meticulous use. Knowing a material’s different individuality; its strengths and weaknesses, its load, stress, and strain parameters under varying environmental conditions, is essential to safe, efficient and cost effective design. Any material may be subjected to different type testing, i.e. Tensile Testing, Fatigue Testing, Fracture Toughness Testing, Impact Testing, Creep testing, Corrosion Testing, Hardness Testing, Heat Treating, Metallurgical Testing, Chemical Analysis, and many other tests, in order to determine its  many  properties  and potential uses. Our attached brochures stipulate the various instruments for your  study. We have also  the competency to provide after sales services to our clients by a specialized team of engineers.


Material Testing equipment for Rubber, Polymer, Plastic, Metal, Packaging, Paper, Textile etc, Software, Educational Trainers, Hardness Testers, Food Testing Equipment, Surface Measurement Systems, Motion Capture Equipment, Cement Testing  Equipment etc.

Range of Products:

Our wide range of Products has become a reference for those seeking the purchase and maintenance of

  • Electro-medical and  Analytical E.quipment
  • Material Physical Testing Equipment
  • Mechanical, Electronics instruments
  • Material Science Testing Equipment
  • Testing Equipment for Rubber, Plastic, Metal and
  • Educational Trainers
  • Safety Products, Construction Materials
  • Chemicals, Raw Materials & General Merchandise

Our Principals:

Manufacturers Country Products & Services
Zwick/Roell Germany Material  Testing Equipment.
Toni Technik Germany Material Testing  Equipment
Indentec UK Hardness Testers
Brabender Germany Food & Plastic Testing  Equipment
Elastocon Sweden Rubber /Plastic Testing  Equipment
Gibitre Italy Rubber and Polymer  Testing
IsoTech UK Calibration  of Temperature
Vicon UK Motion Capture Products
Lucas Nuelle Germany Mechatronics , Electronics & Electric  Trainers
Optacom GmbH & Co. KG Germany Surface  Measurement Systems
TS Group Gmbh Germany Industrial Machines for Tire  Industries
Deatak USA Textile Testing  Equipment
ASC process System USA Autoclaves Manufacturer


Deals In: Material Testing Equipment’s, Chemicals & Calibration Services & Industrial Automation.